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How AbleHearts Reshaped Nonprofit Healthcare Branding


While at Summer Friday, I had the opportunity to work on a project for Greystone, a prominent financial equity firm venturing into the nonprofit healthcare sector. By uncovering key insights into our target audience's psychographic characteristics, we laid the groundwork for a compelling brand identity. AbleHearts was the clear winner. The name, brandand positioning are bold – a theme not often seen in the long-term care space. While at the core, AbleHearts embodies the heart and soul ofthe organization, caregivers who comprise it and residents who call the communities home.


Ryan Ritterbusch

Sr. Designer

Anthony Lara

Art Director

Michelle Gunn

Creative Director


Greystone, a formidable financial equity firm, aimed to make a significant foray into the nonprofit healthcare sector.

Recognizing the importance of a strong brand presence in driving impact, Greystone engaged with us to develop a brand strategy that would reflect its commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for all.

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