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Cigna Healthcare

During my time at Summer Friday, I had the opportunity to work with Cigna Healthcare, a prominent client that played a pivotal role in our portfolio. The experience was marked by a synergy between our team and Cigna, where a shared commitment to excellence fueled our collective efforts. Our collaborative approach allowed us to craft and deliver high-quality materials that not only met but exceeded their expectations. The range of deliverables we produced showcased the diversity and depth of our capabilities, catering to various aspects of their marketing strategy.

Among the array of materials we developed for Cigna were comprehensive white papers, strategically designed to communicate complex information effectively. These white papers served as authoritative documents that not only reflected Cigna's expertise but also positioned them as thought leaders within the healthcare sector. Additionally, we created engaging landing pages that served as digital gateways, guiding users through relevant information and enhancing the overall online experience.

Leveraging interactive web experiences, we sought to create immersive online journeys, ensuring that Cigna's online presence resonated with their target audience. The integration of multimedia elements in our presentation decks facilitated compelling storytelling, contributing to impactful pitches and communication strategies.

Furthermore, our involvement extended to the physical realm, with event/stage design that brought Cigna's brand to life in various live settings. Flyers and direct mailers were meticulously designed to engage and inform the audience, offering tangible touchpoints for effective communication.

Our engagement with Cigna Healthcare extended across a spectrum of sub-sectors, amplifying the scope and impact of our collaboration. Within the diverse landscape of Cigna's operations, we navigated through various sub-sectors, tailoring our services to address the unique challenges and goals inherent in each. This multifaceted approach not only demonstrated our team's adaptability but also showcased our capacity to deliver high-quality work across a range of specialized areas.