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Evernorth Health Services:
Rebrand + Trends Report


During my time at Summer Friday, I played a vital role collaborating with Evernorth Health Services, significantly influencing the development and progression of its brand identity. As an essential contributor to the creative journey, I actively shaped the brand's tone, messaging, and overall perception.


Evernorth, formerly known as Cigna’s Onsite Health, embarked on a significant rebranding journey to establish a fresh identity in the healthcare sector.

We played a pivotal role in this transformation by spearheading the development of both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) deliverables under the new Evernorth brand.


Our involvement in Evernorth's rebranding journey began at its inception, allowing us to gain deep insights and expertise in the Evernorth brand.  Leveraging this knowledge, we initiated the rebranding process for Onsite Health and gradually extended our efforts to other sectors within Cigna. Our proficiency in working with Evernorth was further showcased when we undertook the monumental task of rebranding over 900 deliverables for the EAP Clinical team.


One notable project we undertook was the launch of Evernorth's annual Health Care Trends report.

From conceptualization to execution, we developed the full report, executive summary, infographics, sales materials, email content, and social video. Our work on this project earned us recognition, as the report won two platinum-level awards at the 2023 dotCOMM Awards.


By delivering high-quality, cohesive materials, we played a vital role in enhancing Evernorth's brand visibility and establishing its presence in the healthcare industry.

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