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J.P. Morgan Private Bank

At DRUM Agency, I helped in the conceptualization and design of J.P. Morgan Private Bank's "Outlook 2020" event. Through collaboration across creative and marketing teams, we were able to create an engaging and memorable experience for attendees. The project went above and beyond the typical Outlook efforts by unifying all relevant materials into a consistent, print, digital, and in-person experience with a unique theme that ties all aspects of the campaign together.

Outlook 2020 had to stand apart from others offering similar investment projections. J.P. Morgan would need a more immersive, more durable experience — one that would cross platforms and make a lasting impact on their seen-it-all, hard-to-impress, ultra-high-net-worth clientele.

The winning concept: Focus. Engaging themes of vision and clarity, the approach lent itself to unexpected images and animation that manipulated perspective to a dazzling effect. Highly targeted social ads brought the right audience to the exclusive event. 

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