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Enhancing Brand Presence: TradeStation's Social Media and Beyond


As the digital landscape evolves, so do the strategies for engaging with audiences. In the case of TradeStation, a comprehensive approach was adopted to enhance brand visibility, educate the audience, and foster a sense of community. This case study delves into the methods employed to create compelling imagery and content across various channels, with a focus on social media, as well as exploratory initiatives extending into print and immersive events.


Ryan Ritterbusch


Jesse Beauchamp

Art Director

Ben Heiser

Content Strategy

Adam Kasper

Video Editor


TradeStation, an online brokerage firm, recognized the importance of maintaining an active and engaging presence on social media platforms. 

With the goal of strengthening brand identity and providing valuable content to their audience, the company tasked a team with the responsibility of creating and curating imagery and content for their social media channels.


Generating 5+ pieces of content weekly for social media required careful planning and coordination.

Balancing the promotion of TradeStation's strengths with addressing audience needs for informative and educational content on trading strategies.

Ensuring that the content produced felt authentic and native to each social media platform.


Content was designed to highlight TradeStation's strengths while addressing audience needs for news and education on trading strategies. This involved a mix of promotional posts, educational content, and market updates.

Content Buckets:

Morning Market Recap

Tune In/Inspiration

Trader Questions Answered


Patterns 101


Trading Rules


Trade That Trend

Tune In/Education/Inspiration

Exploratory Initiatives:

Beyond social media, we explored opportunities to reach a broader audience through print media.

Immersive Event

A significant endeavor involved conceptualizing and executing an immersive in-person event at the Oculus in New York City. This event aimed to provide attendees with a firsthand experience of TradeStation's offerings while fostering networking opportunities within the trading community. At the heart of this event was the "Fresh Look" pop-up barbershop, strategically positioned within the bustling environment of the Oculus. Here, attendees were invited to indulge in complimentary haircuts, blue dye jobs, and shaves, creating a unique and memorable experience.

Amidst the buzz of activity, TradeStation representatives conducted live demonstrations of the platform, offering insights and guidance on its features and functionalities. Engaging attendees with interactive trivia sessions, they fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared learning within the trading community.


The consistent posting of high-quality content led to a significant increase in engagement across TradeStation's social media channels.

By adopting a multifaceted approach to content creation and engagement, TradeStation successfully enhanced its brand presence across various channels.


Lift in engagement rate


Increase in social followers


Decrease in cost per engagement


Average per-post engagement vs. competitor

Winner of 2019 CMA - Content Marketing Awards Social Publishing Campaign

TradeStation's social media campaign was recognized for its excellence in content marketing

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